Fixing vulnerabilities without trade-offs.
Mana is a game that helps teams to install security updates in time.
Why is vulnerability management crucial from day one?
Unpatched software is the main factor in successful intrusions.
Unpatched software is the main factor (40%) in successful intrusions, meaning that exploiting a vulnerability was a key step for the attacker in accessing the internal network or critical system, and played a major role in the attacker achieving their goal, be it theft, a sensitive data breach, data encryption, etc.

The 40% for "Vulnerability Exploitation" on the diagram is an approximation based on internal expertise and the following documents:

When should you consider Mana?
Need to launch cybersec in a small team
Lack of cybersecurity specialists
Integrates into team's instant messenger
15 minutes to setup

How Mana works
1. Agents send data about installed software to the Mana Engine
2. Mana Engine acquires data about vulnerable software from Vulnerability Intelligence
3. Mana Engine checks if there is a vulnerable software installed on the endpoints using data from Agents and Vulnerability Intelligence
4. Mana Engine communicates with end-users via instant messengers providing them with software updates tasks

10x boost to vulnerability management velocity
Mana automatically notifying and motivates employees to install software updates in time. It feels like a game, so your team will be waiting for each new software update and install it within days, instead of postponing it for months.
Continuous training your team will love
We get it: installing updates is annoying. Mana offers interactive bite-sized tasks your team will actually enjoy and be proud of completing.
Vulnerability management on autopilot
It's our role to make sure everyone runs the latest software. You just sit back and relax, while Mana helps your team to update apps in-time.
Meet our team
A team of hard-working people who helped this project come to life.
Artem Baranov
Worked in IT for more than 10 years. Co-founder of Cindicator Capital. Produced 50+ mobile apps.
Daniil Yugoslavskiy
Worked for 8+ years in computer security. Holds OSCP, CCNP Security, GCFA, and GNFA certifications. Member of GIAC Advisory Board, creator of Atomic Threat Coverage project, and coordinator of OSCD initiative.
Tim Ismilyaev
Has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Worked as CISO at Cindicator Capital. Implemented IT projects for the Sochi Olympics.
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